A Word from the Editor-In-Chief

The Editorial Board appreciates all the authors of articles published in this edition for the quality of the articles and the contribution to knowledge through researches performed in our centres within Nigeria. It is heart-warming to receive manuscripts of such quality despite funding limitations, generally.  

This issue of Nigerian Journal of Haematology (NJH) contains four original research articles [1. Neurocognitive function of children with sickle cell disease (SCD); 2. Clinical phenotypes among Nigerian patients with SCD; 3. Neonatal haematology reference ranges; and 4. Hepatitis E viral infection among blood donors], a review article on role of transcranial Doppler in assessing the risk of stroke in children with SCD and a case report of the first haemopoietic stem cell transplantation in the private sector in Nigeria.

The reviewers have done a fantastic job in providing valuable queries and comments in the peer review process, without bias. As a result, there was a high rejection rate of 40-50 percent, which caused  some  delay  in  publishing  this  issue.  It  was  observed  that  study  designs  and  ethical considerations contributed significantly to this rejection rate. Authors are therefore advised to note this observation and endeavour to present manuscripts that are written in line with the instructions to authors on page 57 of this issue.

Every  financial  member  of  the  Nigerian  Society  for  Haematology  and  Blood  Transfusion  should register online to have free access to the Journal website, which is user-friendly. There is otherwise free viewing of the editorial comments, abstracts, review articles and instructions to authors. Full text of original research articles may be viewed after subscription, either as an individual or an institution.

Our  forthcoming  annual  scientific  conference and general meeting for 2020, that  was  scheduled to be held in Port Harcourt, has been advertised despite its postponement until further notice because of the prevailing circumstances worldwide.

Thank you all for your contributions always.

Jacta Alea Est

Norah O Akinola,
FACP Editor-in Chief BSc; MBChB, Dip Haem, PhD, FMCP, FMCPath
Consultant Physician and Haematologist