Advertising Policy

While ensuring that advertising revenue is generated in an ethical and responsible manner, the journal is committed to maintain its integrity and credibility. All editorial content in the journal is independent of advertising and this shall not influence the content, selection, or placement of articles, review, or any other editorial material.

All advertisements MUST meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in NJH:

1. It must be legal, ethical and adhere to community standards.

2. It must not contain false or misleading information.

3. The product or service being advertised must be relevant to our audience.

4. Advertisement for pharmaceuticals or medical devices must comply with relevant regulations and guidelines.

All advertisements will be clearly labeled as such so that readers should easily distinguish between editorial content.

The editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising material that does not meet the standards and principles of the journal.

The NJH welcomes feedbacks and complaints regarding any advertising content. All complaints submitted to the journal will be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken, which may include removal of the offending content.