Plagiarism Policy

The journal is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in academic publishing and we expect all authors, reviewers, and editors to adhere to these standards.

To prevent and detect plagiarism, NJH employs plagiarism detection tools and manual checks during the manuscript review process. In cases of minor detection, the authors will be notified and requested to revise their work to properly attribute and cite the sources, after which the revised manuscript will undergo a subsequent review.

In cases of serious or repeated plagiarism, the journal may take the following actions:

1. Rejection of the manuscript.

2. Notification of the author's institution or funding agency.

3. Suspension of the author's submission privileges for a specified period.

4. Public notice of the plagiarism in the journal.

It is therefore the responsibility of the authors to ensure the originality of their work and must appropriately cite and reference the sources they use in their submission.