Goodwill Message from the President

I am betrayed by so much excitement that at last we have a journal that one could liken to a pot of soup being cooked by an old woman which must stay on fire for so long thereby allowing all the ingredients to thoroughly blend to bring forth the exquisite, harmonious tongue leaking taste by which old age cooking is known. So, it is with the very long incubation period and uneventful delivery of our baby, the 'Nigerian Journal of Haematology.' Much more exciting is the fact that this baby is being nurtured by the best hands in the editorial board led by a grandmother of academic/medical science writing, the pioneer Editor-In-Chief, Prof. Norah Akinola.

As the first medical professional association in Nigeria, the Nigerian Society for Haematology and Blood Transfusion (NSHBT) does not deserve anything less than this indelible signature, the Nigerian Journal of Haematology (NJH). Therefore, NJH will not just be a leader in medical science information dissemination, but also the acme of scientific reporting in Nigeria. This is especially so as molecular haematology remains the fastest growing clinical science in pathogenetic discoveries, treatment breakthroughs and novel approaches particularly in blood disorders that were hitherto managed by helpless watchful waiting for the demise of the patient.

Our Society, NSHBT, is poised and determined to be a conveyor of medical information while playing globally in the new frontiers of knowledge and insights in the varying and evolving blood disorders. In pursuance of the above, we recently created a chart group - NSHBT Whatsapp, and I must confess that I am enthused by the rich academic discourse. I have no qualms that our Society will, thus favourably compete with similar societies on the international scene. Let me, therefore, implore and encourage us to contribute intellectually and otherwise. Let us explore our connections/links local or international to propel our members/Society to enviable heights to achieve one of our goals of continuously improving the quality of life of our patients, particularly, through multicentre clinical studies. NSHBT is also committed to improved patients care through enhanced specialists training. To this end, some of our members participated in the revision of our postgraduate curriculum in residency training in haematology and blood transfusion. This will enable us meet international best practices and thus render the best services as permitted by the available technologies. Permit me to mention here that haemopoietic stem cells transplant (HSCT) was first performed at the University of Benin Teaching hospital in 2011 but went moribund. The good news today is that a private medical centre also in Benin City, in collaboration with Prof. Nosakhare Bazuaye, is now routinely carrying out HSCT.

We have just completed the guidelines on the care of thrombosis/haemostatic disorders,whichshould be in print any time soon after being presented at the Calabar meeting in August 2018, all courtesy of Sanofi Pharma. This is a huge step towards providing, not just improved clinical care, but also standardising practice. May I also remind us that Roche Pharma sponsored the synthesis of similar guidelines on management of lymphoma in 2011, though it is due for review in line with newer/emerging molecules and procedures. The Society must, therefore, engage industries/ agencies with a view to providing similar guidelines in some other areas of haematology and blood transfusion 2018 annual scientific/workshop meeting comes up in August at Calabar. It promises to be richer in scientific/academic contents as well as sociocultural aspects highlighting Nigeria's cultural diversity. We commend the LOC for attempting to outdo Kano 2017 which is still fresh in our memories. And for me Kano is unforgettable for two principal reasons. First, I was elected to lead this wonderful family, NSHBT, and secondly, hummmm, “the river of DANBU NAMA”, all thanks to the Vice President, Aisha Kuliya-Gwazo. We hereby invite all to participate in Calabar 2018 whether as speaker or delegate, come August 2018 at the ancient city of Calabar, former capital of colonial Nigeria, known for carnivals and unequalled hospitalities. I greet you.

Mathew E Enosolease