Nothing Good Comes Easy and Anything Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Well.

As stated in the Editorial of the maiden edition and in the Goodwill Message from Professor Luzzatto, the Founder of the Nigerian Society for Haematology and Blood Transfusion (NSHBT), the publication of the Nigerian Journal of Haematology (NJH), is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations again to the Editor-inChief and to the enabling members of the Executive Committee of the NSHBT!

However, in order to avoid the unforeseen/unexpected disappearance of most (if not all) of our local medical journals, we need to focus well on how best to ensure the sustainability of our new NJH. This would certainly demand a high standard administratively, as well as, crucial qualitative measures. Standard administrative measures should ensure timely publication and wide distribution of the NJH, while crucial qualitative measures should ensure an increasingly wide readership and demand. These are of course easier said than done, but as I learnt from my late father, anything worth doing, is worth doing well.    

Hence, I believe that the sub-specialization of practicing haematologists should elevate the standard of our practice and consequently of our publications. For example, molecular diagnoses and immunophenotyping should be done locally, to assist with the characterization and management of oncological as well as non-oncological haematological disorders.  Similarly, more locally conducted research is required, but as a saying about delicious food goes (Obe to dun, owo lo pa), more money than is presently available, is needed for research. We should hence accept the challenge of raising these funds from all sources, including non-governmental ones. Meanwhile, a Happy 2018 to our NJH and to all concerned folk! 

Professor Olu Akinyanju, OON, MD, FRCP, FMCPath
Founder & Chairman Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria